woke up at roughly 5:40 a.m. and picked marena up for our yearbook meeting. what i dread about wednesday mornings. got a lot of extra credit on my project assessment, hopefully. got absolutely nothing accomplished in art class... again. prom committee meeting during seminar... our theme is vegas. (not sure how that will turn out, hopefully cool/original rather than cheesy/cliche as it probably will be. excuse my pessimism.) ate some lunch. physics. my english teacher actually liked my paper for once. that's good, because i worked hard on it. independent study meeting. hopefully our plans work out exactly as we'd hoped. bought index cards, a notebook, and pens at target. came home, ate spaghetti bolognese, had a major school stuff organization rampage. my life is still not as... orderly... as i want it to be, though. a lot to do this week. worked on a math act practice test... didn't understand the majority of it. watched lie to me and then big bang theory. and now i'm going to bed to read harry potter. a fairly standard day but not a bad one.


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